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Frequently Asked Questions

How is This All Accomplished?

The most frequently asked question by franchisees:

What we hear from potential clients all the time is that this all sounds great …but how does it all get done?

The long answer is as follows and is broken down by major category and is geared toward the one-stop shop approach which is used by the majority of our franchise clients.


With respect to payroll:

  • On your designated day you can call in , fax in, or email in your payroll worksheet. We do not process anything until our totals agree.

  • The payroll is mailed ( along with the accounts payable checks ) to you overnight at no charge.


With respect to accounts payable:

  • We set up all your recurring payments (notes, rents, professional fees, etc.)

  • We change all your routine bills to come to our office directly . We do this so you are handling less paper and we are receiving the bills promptly.

  • On a weekly basis we will prepare checks for all bills received and would bring any unusual matters to your attention prior to preparation of these checks.

  • Included with your weekly package is a running checkbook balance.


The weekly "package" we need from you:

  • Cash reports for the week with validated deposit slips and any payouts attached to the report.

  • Any bills received at the store with approvals for payment.

  • Any other items requiring attention by our office.

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