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How we make the Mission Statement a Reality

We tailor our procedures to meet our clients' individual needs. The following services are provided to all franchisees:


  •  Monthly profit and loss statements so you can monitor your business better, see trends developing and help plan for the future. By providing timely statements items requiring attention can be identified immediately and corrective action can be taken.

  •  Review of the monthly financial statements with you.

  •  Unlimited discussion of accounting or business related questions at no additional charge. We strive to function as your total  business advisor.

  •  Review of items of overhead and make cost saving suggestions.

  •  Preparation and transmission of sales and royalty payments to franchisor.

  •  Preparation of monthly sales tax reports.

  •  Calculations of percentage rent overrides, if applicable.


  • Verify that all deposits were made

  • Reconcile Bank Accounts monthly

  • Reconcile Gift Certificate and Credit Card activity


  • Weekly preparation of accounts payable checks from invoices approved by you for payment on a weekly basis. Signature authority is retained by you

  • Process ACH Payments

  • Process Recurring Payments

  • Respond to supplier inquiries

  • Prepare Forms 1099 as required


  • Preparation of weekly payrolls from information called, faxed or e-mailed to us. Signature authority is retained by you. All payroll tax compliance is included as well as the year-end preparation and distribution of W-2's.

  • Coordinate annual workman's Compensation audits which is performed at our office. Review the final audit to insure that all computations and wage classifications are correct.

  • Process all garnishments

  • Comply with appropriate state "New Hire Reporting" requirements


  • Tax planning prior to year-end with any tax saving suggestions made at that time. There are no surprises at April 15th with us.

  • Preparation of all Individual and Corporate Income Tax Returns


  • Assist in obtaining financing for new ventures or the refinancing of existing ones. Preparation of projections, break-evens and financing packages.

  • Assistance in obtaining health, liability and property and casualty insurance.

  • Periodically put insurance coverage out to bid.

  • Succession Planning/ Retirement Planning / Strategic Planning / Estate Planning

  • Review and analysis of what the best type of entity is for you and discussions of the benefits of each.

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